Social Worker

Alexander Olenick, Social Worker

Title at Rudoy Medical:  Social Worker

Primary Specialty: Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a collaborative, individualized experience while also being a personally intimate one.

As a psychotherapist my responsibility it to assist you as best I could in seeing your world with you, meeting you where you currently stand, while supporting the direction in which you’ll be steering your life towards.

My practice is richly informed by the traditional philosophies of Humanism and Existentialism while modeled in accordance to existential-humanistic (EH) therapy, being also interwoven with  contemporary psychotherapy models.

Psychotherapy is the process in which we work together in collaboration to set yourself free.

But it also anticipates often implicit-questions: “How is the client presently living?” And “How is the client willing to live? at every point of the encounter.

As human beings we naturally are on coarse to be evolving and developing ourselves along our own unique timeline. However life throws us tragedy, challenge, and conflict along our journeys which can cause emotional challenge and pain not knowing how to direct ourselves further. Working together is a sincere endeavor in redefining the possibility for human change and reward that comes with it.

I look forward in supporting you along this process towards growth and Well-being.